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MGA 1500 Coupe "Barn Find" FOR SALE

Titled as a 1958 (USA dealer sell date). The VIN # H_R14319542 is a 1956 build date of approximately Aug/56, pre-production of the Sept/56 first production VIN of 20671. The above VIN omits the second letter designation of "D" roadster or "M" Coupe. The coupe production was integrated onto the existing roadster assembly line and this coupe is believed to be one of a few that were put through the line to ready and troubleshoot any problems when production commenced in Sept/56.

It is believed to be a Tucson, Arizona car from new. Earliest title certificate we have is dated 1973 and reaffirmed by the state in 1975. A restoration in Tucson was started in the early '70s, with a full running chassis (drivetrain/suspension/engine & gearbox rebuilt) and some body panel work done. At that point the doors were closed and the lights turned off almost
40 years ago.

We purchased and imported the car and parts into Canada (Vancouver, BC) in 2009 as a "shop project". The coupe arrived here complete minus windshield/front valance & one seat frame, with boxes of extra parts and new panel pieces (rockers/B pillars etc.). We worked on the restoration until 2011, when we moved shop to a larger location and rolled it into the storage area to again sit in the dark, as time is dedicated to client restorations.

Complete package $9,000.00 CAD. More info, pics on request or to view, please contact me.